Google Cloud Platform adds another tier to partner program

Google is tacking on an entry-level option for registered companies, making it easier for more businesses to participate in the Cloud Platform Partner Program.


The Google Cloud Platform is gearing up to expand its partner program for companies offering training tied to the infrastructure.

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From a bird's eye perspective, the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program is held up by two pillars: Technology partners providing tools to integrate functions with the Google Cloud Platform and Service partners, which offer consulting about implementing services on Google Cloud Platform products.

A few examples of partners already onboard include Riverbed, Cloud Sherpas, and New Relic. These partners are providing help for products such as the Google App Engine, Compute Engine, and Cloud Storage.

Google asserted that it has 161 partners enrolled in the program.

Mark Hodgson, head of global partner programs at Google, stressed the importance of third party resources in a blog post on Thursday, explaining that "these organizations provide everything from hands-on deployment and technical support to customized application development."

The partner program also has a few VIP tiers as well in order to recognize the top partners. Up until now, those tiers have consisted of Premier and Authorized levels with varied (but more substantial) benefits and access to online resources.

Now Google is tacking on an entry-level option for registered companies, making it easier for more businesses to participate.

Announced amid the Google Partner Summit in San Francisco on Thursday, the Android maker has some more new features, tips and tricks to unveil soon.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company is hosting Google Cloud Platform Live on March 25, broadcast from San Francisco with viewing parties being hosted at Google offices in London, Seattle, and New York City.

Led by Urs Hölzle, SVP for technical infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, the engineering team will be doing a deep dive into new models and architectures for processing big data as well as Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.