Google Cloud Platform gets a pricing calculator for infrastructure quotes

Of course, the keyword in the name of the form is "calcuator," as it only provides a quote.


Google is streamlining the process for enterprises and app developers that might be looking at the company's cloud platform for hosting projects.

The Internet giant has added the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator, a form for calculating the total cost of deploying your application on Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL.

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Essentially, it is supposed to serve as a simpler tool for drafting, editing, and finalizing a project quote in a single space for collaboration among an entire team before setting up the cloud infrastructure.

Brian Lynch, a solutions architect on the Google Cloud Platform team, remarked in a blog post on Monday that the new feature should "take the financial guesswork out of running your product in the cloud."

Of course, the keyword in the name of the form is "calcuator," as it only provides a quote.

According to the fine print, the estimated fees provided by the Cloud Pricing Calculator "are for discussion purposes only." Google warned that the actual fees could still be higher or lower than the estimate.

The Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator is live and ready for would-be customers now.

Image via the Google Cloud Platform blog