Google Cloud Platform getting its own status dashboard

Not to be outdone by Google Apps, the Cloud Platform is getting its own game of red light, green light.


Google Cloud Platform subscribers will now be able to hazard better assumptions in cases of service outages.

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That's because the Internet giant has launched a new status dashboard specifically for Google Cloud Platform -- similar to the display for Google Apps, typically frequented whenever Gmail or another popular productivity service experiences a hiccup.

Now available in beta mode, the dashboard is posting near-live updates across all of Google Cloud Platform's seven regions worldwide.

By default, the dashboard displays health over the previous seven days. Users can get a wider picture for the last 90 days by clicking on "View Summary and History."

However, the dashboard is not meant to replace any existing service, instead designed to act harmoniously with pre-existing features, such as Google Cloud Monitoring for visualizing a particular organization's health.

Reporting and alerts can also be re-routed to an administrator's Cloud Monitoring events log on top of access to a designated Status Dashboard RSS feed for additional tools for keeping up-to-date.

While seemingly a minor addition, the status dashboard marks yet another development (and improvement) for Google as it continues to ramp up its Cloud Platform against the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, among others.

Image via Google