Google Cloud Platform launches mobile console for Android

An iOS console for Google Cloud Platform is promised to be in the works, but an exact release date has not been revealed yet.


Google Cloud Platform is being prepped for management while on-the-go thanks to a new mobile console for Android.

Optimized for Android tablets and smartphones, the mobile dashboard offers real-time visibility and alerts about the status, health and performance for solutions running on Google App Engine or Compute Engine.

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Michael Thomsen, a product manager on the Google Cloud Platform team, suggested in a blog post on Monday this could include "monitoring graphs, a billing estimate or Cloud Platform service status information."

Such an app could prove useful -- if not necessary -- updates in the case of bugs or outages, saving IT departments and professionals time (and money) in diagnosing problems faster.

That could go double for smaller companies with fewer resources that would depend on any extra resource they could get, especially when they don't have internal IT support around the clock.

"When investigating an issue, you often need to check the health and properties of your resources, such as running state, zone or IP," Thomsen explained. "You can also invoke a number of core operations, such as changing the App Engine version or starting/stopping a Compute Engine instance."

Launching initially in beta, Cloud Console for Android is available to download via Google Play now.

An iOS version is promised to be in the works, but an exact release date has not been revealed yet.

Image via Google Cloud Platform