Google complies with Korea's personal data deletion order

Korean government regulator KCC visits Mountain View HQ, confirms Google has deleted personal data of Korean users, reports ZDNet Korea’s Park Sou-hyung.

Officials of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), the country’s IT regulator, visited the US search giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, California to check whether the company has complied with its order to delete data of Korean users.

Earlier, in January this year, the KCC fined Google 212.3 million won ($207,000) for illegally collecting data in Korea while preparing its Street View app.

It also ordered Google to delete the personal information of 600,000 Koreans from servers and storage.

Following the visit to Google HQ, the KCC delegates have confirmed Google has deleted the said data and also physically destroyed the disks containing them.

This is the first time Korea has penalised a foreign company for breaking the country’s privacy law, and also the first time it has dispatched officials to confirm whether the transgressor has complied.

Though Google lags way behind local search giant Naver – which commands over 70% of the Korean search market - it retains a huge influence in Korea thanks to the popularity of Android devices.