Google continues to double-down on Europe

It's no surprise that Google has continued to invest in its existing datacenter infrastructure.

While Google's investment in datacenters in Asia has garnered headlines, with it expanding its worldwide network of datacenters to accommodate what is perceived as the fastest growing market for their services, it hasn't exactly been ignoring the rest of the world. Unsurprisingly, Google roughly doubled its multi-billion dollar investment in US datacenters over the last year.

On the European side, the investments are just beginning. At the end of last year, Google announced that it was investing an additional $180 million in its datacenter in Hamina, Finland, just slightly less than its initial investment in the facility with an upgrade project that will roll into 2014.

And yesterday it announced that its $250 million Belgian datacenter, a technical showpiece for energy efficiency due to its novel use of water from the local canal and no traditional chiller system, will be getting an update to the tune of a $390 million investment, more than doubling its initial spending on the datacenter that has become the primary site for European access to the majority of Google's free services.

The Belgian datacenter already employs 120 people, no specific plans have been announced on potential employee increases along with the datacenter investment. Nor has Google announced a timetable for the upgrade process for the facility.