Google debuts Reseller API for Google Apps, Drive and Vault

Google's new Reseller API is designed to enable partners to scale their businesses easier by integrating Google Apps reseller tools into customer and sales systems.

Google has just announced a new Reseller API, which is designed to make it easier for its corporate partners to automate processes and scale their businesses.

Authorized reseller administrators as well as a reseller's service integrators can utilize the Reseller API to place customer orders and manage Google Apps monthly post-pay subscriptions. The API can also be used to integrate components of the Google Apps reseller tools into customer and sales systems.

One of the aspects that is supposed to make use of the API simpler is that it doesn't require users to have to sign into the reseller tools for certain functions. Those include being able to add new customer accounts, transfer customers, and view customer subscription information.

Google enterprise product manager Jaideep Mirchandani provided the following example of how this API can be used on the official Google Enterprise blog on Wednesday:

For example, Megazone, a Korean-based domain and hosting provider, implemented the Reseller API as part of their existing domain name purchase process to make it easier for their web-based customers to sign up for Google Apps. If a customer opts-in for a Google Apps trial, they;re automatically set up in Megazone's reseller console with a trial subscription. The customer can then sign in and start using Google Apps right away. This is a more scalable and easier way for customers to sign up for Google Apps through Megazone.

The new Reseller API currently supports Google Apps for Business as well as Google Drive and the Google Apps Vault. There are some usage and quota limits in regards to excessive requests from the API, which are explained on the Google Developers information site.


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