Google Developer Day? Next year Chicago

Google Developers Day? Next Year Chicago

Google Developer Day is but hours away, and Google Engineering love is already in full promotional swing.

Google touts the event as a worldwide engineering fest, but the world's software engineers are not all in agreement.

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While Google proudly notes the need to move the Mountain View meet-up to San Jose, due to overflow demand, Google Engineering nevertheless perseveres in its never ending quest to feed Google's insatiable demand for the "best and the brightest" software developers (rocket engineering experience preferred, but not required) the world has to offer, from the Big Apple, to Down Under, and now, to the Windy City.

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Google is currently in an Illinois frame of mind, Chicago. Google solicits:

Despite the fact that we have dozens of offices worldwide, whenever I tell people that I work for Google in Chicago, most of them respond "Google has an office in Chicago?" Then I proceed to tell them that yes, we have a sizeable sales office in downtown Chicago (which is now in its sixth year!), and yes, we have a few engineers camped out in one corner (near the cafe and the foosball table, of course).

Well, now we're decking out the office with binary clocks and caffeinated soap because Google is hiring engineers here.


Why now?

Our Chicago engineers are currently working on Open Source and developer tools, and we're ramping up other interesting data-centric projects. So if you're an innovative engineer who likes to launch early and often, build world-class software, and be a part of a small upstart team, then we want you.

Of particular note is that Google believes Chicago is as obscure to the American workforce as Sydney, Australia is!

In pitching a Google Engineering open house in Mountain View for the Australian operations, the Google host said:

When I mention I'm an engineer in our Sydney office, I'm often greeted with looks of surprise: it seems many people aren't aware of our Australian presence.

Perhaps Google needs to be more open then. Google just shut off access to its NYC engineering recruitment efforts, dubbed NYC Speaker Series, as I report in Google CEO Schmidt on ‘Personal Democracy’: Up For Sale.

If Google truly is concerned that no one knows about Google Australia or Google Chicago, it wouldn't be so shy (secretive) .

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