Google didn't just release an updated Google Maps for iOS, it's Google Maps Navigation Beta

When Google Maps was missing in iOS 6 and we heard it would eventually come I thought we would just see a slightly updated version from iOS 5. This is MUCH better with full voice-guided GPS navigation.


Fellow ZDNet contributor Liau Yun Qing already posted the news that Google released their updated Maps application for iOS, but I have been taking it for a spin and wanted to make sure readers understood it is not just the old Google Maps app brought to iOS 6, but it is actually Google Maps Navigation Beta similar in functionality to what we see on Android devices! I thought the old Google Maps on iOS was rather lame and limited so I used 3rd party navigation solutions, but now with full voice-guided GPS navigation I will be bouncing between Apple Maps (I personally never had an issue with it) and Google Maps.

As you can read in the official Google blog post you will find Street View, live traffic, transit information, and much more. Alternative route options are supported too. I love the way you just swipe right and left to view search result details that include one touch to call, save, share, and navigate too. There are photos of the destination and reviews as well. It really is a powerful application that is available now for free.

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