Google discounts Nexus 6 by $150: Great for dads, Project Fi and Android M

Dads and grads might appreciate a Google Nexus 6, which now costs $150 less. If you're interested in Project Fi, this is a good deal for the only phone supported by the service.

Google is currently discounting the price of any Nexus 6 handset by $150, giving the base phone model a price of $499. If 32 GB of storage capacity isn't enough, the discount also applies to the 64 GB model, which now costs $549.

It's not clear if this is a limited time promotion reports Droid Life, who noticed the price drop. My guess is that Google is discounting the device both for Father's Day and for new graduates, since it's that time of the year. Either way, it's a good deal on a solid smartphone based on our review back in December.

Google's current flagship phone might appeal to more than dads and grads though.

In April, the company rolled out its own voice and data service plans called Project Fi, which initially works only on the Nexus 6 handset.

The base price for Project Fi is $20 for unlimited voice and text messages, plus a flat fee of $10 per GB of LTE mobile broadband. Any unused data is refunded as a credit the following month.

Also making the service unique is that it uses both the networks of both Sprint and T-Mobile, automatically switching between them based on which has the stronger signal.

Calls will also seamlessly roam on Wi-Fi, which can help reduce your monthly service bill.

For now, you need a Nexus 6 to use Project Fi, and the service is only available on an invite-only basis. If Project Fi sounds interesting, now might be the right time to get the only phone it works with.

And if those weren't good enough reasons to consider a Nexus 6, keep in mind it's one of the few devices that you can install the Android M developer preview on.

That will let you get an early look at how Google is evolving Android since the final software won't likely be released until the final quarter of 2015.