Google dives deeper on vector-based maps with API update

Google boasts that its new API will enable apps to support vector-based maps that load quicker and also support navigation in 2D and 3D viewing.

Google is diving deeper into the world of vector-based maps through an update to its API for Google Maps on Android.

Andrew Foster, senior product manager of the Google Maps team, cited in a blog post on Monday that more than 800,000 sites around the world are already using Google's mapping APIs. The update is being introduced as part of the Google Play services launch.

But it also coincides with some more competition surrounding 3D mapping technologies being produced by some of Google's mobile competitors, such as Apple and, more recently, Nokia's Here platform .

The Internet giant is touting that its new API gives developers the ability to use Google's mapping platform to build better Android apps with vector-based maps that load quickly but also support navigation in 2D and 3D viewing.


Specifically, some of the new features included in the upgrade API consist of support for more layers (i.e. satellite, hybrid, traffic, etc.) along with the ability to create markers and information windows using less code.

For a closer look at the updated Google Maps Android API, check out the promo video below:

Image via the Google Lat Long blog