Google Docs gets comment-only collaborators

Google Docs is now letting you add collaborators with comment-only access - meaning colleagues can leave their thoughts on a document without making any edits.

Pop quiz, hotshot: What if you want somebody's thoughts on a cloud document, but don't want to let

them have full editing access? As of today, Google Docs is rolling out the ability to let you add collaborators with comment-only access, meaning they can leave their thoughts without changing the document.

On his Google+ feed, Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard notes that the new feature is "for when you

want someone's ideas, but not their edits."

The way it works is simple, to hear the official Google Docs blog tell it. When you add a collaborator to a document using the "Share" button, the same as always, there's an option in a drop-down menu for "Can Comment," as opposed to "Can Edit" and "Can View," as seen in the picture to the right.

Similarly, by clicking "Change" in the the document's sharing settings, you can let any user with the link (or on the Internet at large) add comments, without giving up those editing privileges.

It sounds like a handy addition to Google Docs - if you're among the first batch of users to get the new feature, let me know what you think in the comments.