Google Docs' new API will automate your repetitive contracts, reports, invoices

Google's new Docs API tackles boring manual document-based workflows.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Google has released a new application programming interface (API) for Google Docs to help businesses automate key document-based processes. 

The new API could be a huge benefit to organizations that generate lots of repetitive documents like contracts, proposals, reports and invoices. 

Apps can integrate with the Docs API to create documents from user data or system data, allowing organizations to automate manual processes, and create documents in bulk. 

It can be used to create a new document, retrieve the contents of a specific document, or automatically update a batch of specified documents. 

The Docs API has been in preview since it was introduced at Google's Cloud Next 2018 conference last April. 

However, Google already counts several large users of the Docs API, including Netflix, Zapier, and Final Draft. Zapier's automation tool allows users to automatically populate a Google Docs template with information sourced from other apps like QuickBooks, LinkedIn, and Google Calendar.  

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Netflix has used the API to automate engineer response processes, while the Final Draft screenplay editing tool uses it to let customers upload scripts and screenplays to its software. 

Besides creating documents automatically and improving workflow automation, the Docs API can be used to sync with enterprise content-management systems, allowing publishers to let customers compose documents in Docs and push content to their sites.

The Doc API joins exiting APIs for Sheets and Slides, rounding out the APIs for Google's editing suite. The Docs API is available now for all G Suite editions and is available by default to all G Suite users.          

Google this week also announced a number of updates to right-click menu options in Gmail. In addition to existing 'Move to tab', 'Archive', 'Mark as read', and 'Delete', new right-click menu options include search, reply/forward, snooze, mark as unread, movement options, labeling, and the option to open an email in a new tab.

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