Google Drive kicks off with DocuSign integration

Google Drive users will be able to send documents needing an electronic signature directly from their new storage accounts on any browser or mobile device.

DocuSign is getting in on the Google Drive cloud action from the beginning. The digital signature provider is bringing its standard but secure services to "hundreds of millions" of Google users.

Aimed at everyone from individual professionals to the enterprise level, DocuSign touts its e-signature services for saving both time and money by eliminating the need for paper copies and related tasks (i.e. printing, faxing, etc.).

Google users will be able to take advantage of DocuSign features as they can send documents needing an e-signature directly from Google Drive on any browser or mobile device, and their customers can sign anytime and anywhere on any device.

Although rumors have been circling for awhile, it was widely reported in March that Google would launch its own online storage and collaboration service, dubbed Google Drive, at some point in April.

DocuSign itself has been expanding rapidly over the last few months. Along with a new personal electronic signature mobile app, DocuSign has integrated features with the likes of Salesforce and PayPal, among other partners.

Pricing for using DocuSign services in conjunction with Google Drive start at $14.95 per month for individual professionals. Note that the first ten documents a user sends for signature are free.

To get started, Google Drive users will need to add the DocuSign app from the Google Chrome store.