Google execs update status of CEO Larry Page's health

Google executives address Larry Page's health after the CEO misses the quarterly conference call.


Google posted very solid numbers for second quarter earnings and revenue today , and you'd think everyone at the top would want to celebrate and talk about it.

However, CEO Larry Page was noticably absent from the quarterly conference call with investors and analysts on Thursday afternoon.

Page has already been missing from the public stage for a few weeks now.

Just ahead of the Internet giant's annual powwow, Google I/O, in San Francisco at the end of June, Page canceled his appearence for the keynote session.

Instead, co-founder Sergey Brin acted as the face of the company during the show.

After being probed about the current state of Page's health during the call, Google chief business officer Nikesh Arora responded, "There is no more new news of Larry. Larry has lost his voice."

Arora further explained that means Page can’t participate in any public speaking engagements at this time, but Arora asserted that Page continues to run the company and be involved in strategic decisions.

CNET reported last week that Page had returned to work while recovering from an undisclosed illness that also caused the loss of his voice.