Google extends deadline for extensions to move into Web Store

Chrome extension developers will now have until the beginning of May to get their extensions for Windows users into the Chrome Web Store.

Google has extended its deadline for Chrome extensions to move across to its Chrome Web Store until May.

Originally slated to begin in January , the search giant said it is imposing the restriction to only allow Chrome extensions to be installed from the Chrome Web Store in order to cut down the number malicious extensions that Windows users are experiencing.

"Some developers have requested more time to complete this transition, so we've decided to extend the window until May 1 before we start enforcing this policy for the Windows Stable channel," wrote Google engineering director Erik Kay in a blog post.

"After this time, extensions outside the Chrome Web Store will be automatically disabled. If you register after the deadline, your users will need to manually re-enable or re-install your extension to regain functionality."

The change will be introduced into the stable and beta channels of Chrome, but only for users running Windows. Users running in the Dev or Canary channels, as well as any Chrome users on Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS, will not be affected.

Google has said previously that it is only implementing this change for Windows users because "that's where we receive the most user complaints of bad behaviour".