Google faces further antitrust woes in the US

The US Federal Trade Commission is preparing to investigate Google over anti-competitive practices regarding its online advertising business, according to Bloomberg.

Google is in hot water with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) again for allegedly using its online advertising dominance to stave off competition in a new antitrust probe.

The US FTC had just wrapped up a review of the tech giant's search engine business in January. At the end of the 20-month review, the FTC told Google that it had to make a number of changes to its search engine business practices. This was viewed by some of Google's competitors as a slap on the wrist .

According to Bloomberg, the new inquiry is in its early stages, and will look at whether Google used its online advertising clout to pressure companies into taking on more of its other services. This would be in violation of the US' antitrust laws.

Google has been facing antitrust scrutiny across the world over its search engine practices, with Europe , South Korea , and Argentina all having probed the company over anticompetitive behaviour, including manipulating its search engine results to stymie its competitors.

Canada will be on the list soon, with the country's Competition Bureau gearing up to launch a formal inquiry.

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