Google Fiber rollout reaches Austin

Following delays, the new ultra-fast broadband service is finally reaching the city of Austin, Texas.


Google is on the verge of launching its Fiber network service in Austin, Texas.

Google Fiber, a coveted high-speed Internet service which offers up to one gigabit in upload and download speed, is slowly expanding across the United States. Setting the foundations for the gigabit Internet service is a long process, and so far, only Kansas City, Provo and now Austin have access to Google Fiber, which offers speeds hundreds of times quicker than US ISPs.

The California-based company originally revealed plans to set up Fiber in Austin back in 2013, but delays occurred due to planning, regulation and acquiring permits. However, this December, Texan residents will be able to enjoy the high-speed service in their homes. As reported by Gigaom, Google is starting out in the south and southeast portions of the city, and will deploy the service to other sections in stages.

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The tech giant also plans to mirror Kansas City in the rollout, by asking residents to commit to fiber before the service arrives within neighborhoods, dubbed "fiberhoods." If signups reach a particular level, the tech giant lays down the groundwork for Fiber -- which naturally isn't cheap. However, a number of Kansas neighborhoods which did not reach this threshold have been given a second chance to take on the service.

According to Mark Strama, the head of Google Fiber Austin, there will be a $300 construction fee to connect homes to Google Fiber, but a basic 5 Mbps service will be offered -- for no additional monthly fee -- as part of the deal. If multi-year contracts are signed, however, then this equipment fee is waived.

No additional details have been revealed concerning the price of Google Fiber in the city.

"Not every part of Austin will get Fiber. But every area of Austin will have an opportunity to get it," Strama said.

The map below shows Google's expansion plans for the service.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.33.10
Credit: Google

In related news, Google has requested permission from the FCC to conduct tests across wireless spectrums, which could indicate plans to create ultra high-speed wireless Internet.

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