Google fights WikiLeaks, Aussies are fighting data retention, and FTC issues IoT guidelines [Government IT News]

There's a bit of a fuss in Australia about new data retention regulations, and how it plays out Down Under may have implications for IT across the world. Plus Google, WikiLeaks, FTC, Internet of Things, and data center consolidation. It's been a pretty good week.

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Top stories this week

Google did fight WikiLeaks gag order, says lawyer
Google says it fought to have a gag order, related to warrants for emails from three WikiLeaks staffers, lifted.

Regulator refutes Coinbase Exchange regulation claims
California regulator the Department of Business Oversight has refuted claims made by Coinbase that its new bitcoin exchange is regulated.

FTC suggests Internet of Things 'best practices' to businesses
The FTC's chairwoman argued these advised guidelines would both reassure consumers while helping the Internet of Things realize its full potential.

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Social Security Administration about ready to begin consolidating data centers
Phased migration to the new facility will take 18 months.

Top cop's claims cast shadow over data-retention plan
As Australian lawmakers debate legislation forcing telcos to retain customers' metadata for a minimum of two years, NSW Police deputy commissioner Nick Kaldas has claimed that he and others have been the target of inappropriately warranted electronic surveillance by his own force.

Telstra warns of data-retention goldmine
Telstra has said that setting up a centralised system within the company to store data it is forced to retain for the Australian government will create a lucrative target for hackers.

Australian sysadmins cop brunt of data-retention burden
Australian IT professional organisation SAGE-AU has said the government's mandatory data-retention legislation will increase the burden on IT workers in the country.

Warnings Australian spy agency won't delete retained data
The inspector-general of Intelligence and Security has warned that Australia's top spy agency is under no obligation to delete data it receives under mandatory data-retention legislation.