Sorry Google Fit, Apple Health wins a place on my wrist and phone

After switching back to an Android Wear watch from the Apple Watch, I'm finding that Google Fit clearly needs help; the data is just inaccurate and wildly inconsistent.

I've spent nearly a week testing the Asus ZenFone 2, a $299 Android handset powered by Intel's Atom processor. And during that time, I swapped out my Apple Watch for the Sony Smartwatch 3 I bought last year.

All in all, it's a good experience save for one miserable aspect: Google Fit doesn't hold a candle to the health tracking features provided by Apple's Health app and the Apple Watch.

Google Fit really never impressed me, mainly because in the past, I've found it to be inconsistent and inaccurate. The app works on Android handsets as well as Android Wear watches, which is how I've been using it the past few days. Sadly, it works no better than I remember.

Take, for example, roughly a 25 minute treadmill run I did on Monday night at 6pm this week while wearing the Smartwatch 3, which has Google Fit installed.


It captured the roughly 5,000 steps I took for my three miles; so far so good. The app doesn't know how far I ran though.

And even though that many steps were captured in a short amount of time, Fit didn't mark the effort as running as opposed to walking. Actually, it didn't even convert the steps to any type of activity.


It gets worse though. Google Fit knows I took many steps at a reasonably fast pace during that block of time, but it isn't even using that information to calculate the number of calories I burned.

Instead, it just assumes I wasn't moving so it noted that I burned very few calories during my workout time; the same as if I hadn't moved at all.


And the average of 5,288 calories Google Fit says I burn daily? If that were true, I'd have to eat 7,300 or more calories a day just to maintain my weight; that's a lot of Big Macs!


In contrast, I've had minimal issues with the Apple Watch correctly capturing my exercise and activity.

Every workout with the Apple Watch has noted my heart rate -- a feature not on my Smartwatch 3, so I can't ding it for that -- steps, and distance; either through calibrated sensor data or the GPS on my iPhone. Granted, my Smartwatch 3 has its own GPS radio, so for third-party apps that can use it, it's a better solution for tracking real-time distance and pace.

No, the Apple Watch isn't perfect, nor is Apple's Health app. But a year after Google made a big splash with Fit, it's clearly in need of repair if it wants to compete and gain a user base from those who track their fitness.

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