Google for Work bolsters Gmail with data loss prevention

Google for Work also plans to bring DLP to Google Drive next year.


Google for Work is bolstering security on Gmail for some of its business customers with the addition of data loss prevention.

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The enterprise arm of Google Apps already boasts a bevy of information security functions, including encryption, two-factor authentication, audit reports and mobile device management, among other services.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is described to fit in as an extra layer of protection designed to prevent sensitive information from being available or leaked to those who shouldn't have access.

Suzanne Frey, director of security, trust and privacy for the Google Apps team, pointed out in a blog post on Wednesday that DLP isn't limited to just keeping ultra-sensitive data (i.e. credit card information) from cyber criminals, but even when hitting "Reply All" by accident on a private email.

"Gmail DLP will automatically check all outgoing emails from the sales department and take action based on what the admin has specified: either quarantine the email for review, tell users to modify the information, or block the email from being sent and notify the sender," Frey explained about one scenario. "These checks don't just apply to email text, but also to content inside common attachment types―such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. And admins can also create custom rules with keywords and regular expressions."

DLP for Gmail is launching today for Google Apps Unlimited customers, the premium business tier of the cloud-based productivity suite.

Google for Work also plans to bring DLP to Google Drive next year.

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