Google gets more personal with 'Search plus Your World'

Google has added more personalisation to its search results calling it 'Search plus Your World'. The new search will show personalised information and bring social relevance to searches.

Google has added more personalised information to its search engine results. The Google blog announced the additions to search calling it 'Search plus Your World'.

Now, search results will show extra information. Logging in with your Google account and searching will bring more social relevance to your results. Information shared by your Google+ circles will also appear under the search result. This feature is currently available to searches carried out in English only.

You will see items such as Google+ links, posts and photos, posted both by you and by people in your Circles.

Profiles of people on Google+ will appear in search results and information about their shares will appear in Google search results.

Google+ user profiles and images will also appear in search results. Selecting the profile allows you to add the user to your Google+ circles using a button on the page. These profile images will make it easier to select the correct 'Dave Smith' or 'Samir Patel' from the list of results.

The autocomplete box also includes Google+ information amongst the web page results.

Planned additions

Speculation that this was going to happen started when Google removed the Boolean + operator from advanced search queries in October. Google then started to incorporate Google+ brand pages into search results. Typing the '+' operator before the brand name will bring up the brand page in search results.

It seems like Google will integrate Google+ activities more closely into search results. Searching typical queries will bring up people talking about the topic on Google+, allowing you to add them to your circles.

This is a small addition to the existing search results at the moment, but I expect that it won't be long before Google starts to add results from its other services such as Google Docs, Gmail and Contacts.

Bing doesn't yet have any social networking equivalent to Google+. It does however; incorporate Facebook information into search results using Bing's Facebook Friend effect.

But with these enhancements, I suspect that Bing might be playing catch up to Google for some time yet...

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