Google gives Search for iPad app more attention

Google is evidently taking the iPad much more seriously these days.

Google has re-introduced its Search app for the iPad today, which is touted as more visual and interactive than before.

Along with the usual performance and speed enhancements, some other Google products are also heavily integrated, such as Instant and Instant Previews as well as the +1 button for Google Plus. Image results are much more vivid thanks to a new image carousel that lets users swipe through results.

Google also promises that services like Google News and Calendar are easier to find and operate within the new Apps menu.

Hopefully the update of this app, free to download from iTunes now, will go much more smoothly than the uneasy initial release of the Gmail app for the iPad and iPhone earlier this month.

However, much like the Gmail app, the Search app still looks like a glorified version of just using Google in a browser. Sure, there are definitely some visual enhancements that one comes to expect from iPad apps in general.

But it's still not really on par with the bounty of features and attractive graphics seen on Bing's app for the iPad. Nevertheless, this is still a move in the right direction and reflects that Google is taking building for iOS more seriously these days.

For a closer look at the new Google Search app for the iPad, check out the promo video below: