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Google Glass founder jumps ship to Amazon

Babak Parviz is leaving Google, after developing the search giant's first foray into wearables, to work at Amazon on unspecified projects.

Image: CNET/CBS Interactive

Google's Babak Parviz is leaving the search giant's research arm to work for Amazon.

In a Google+ post published on Saturday, Parviz said he was "super excited" to board Amazon's ship, but did not elaborate on what his next venture will be.

Special Feature

Wearables: Fit For Business?

The explosion of interest in wearable computing is one of tech's fastest rising trends. While big moves from Google, Apple, and Samsung will likely attract a lot of attention, we're going to examine the broader potential that wearables hold for driving innovation in business.

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Parviz may be best known for his work on Google Glass, the company's first venture into wearable technology — arguably shifting Silicon Valley's focus into the category. 

He headed up the Glass division, part of Google X's research labs. Prior to that work, he was a researcher at the University of Washington where he developed contact lenses with integrated circuits — so-called "smart lenses." He also worked for Microsoft developing health monitoring technology before bringing his work to its search engine rival.

He said, just days ago at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, California, that Google Glass is just "one answer" to where the next platform shift will take the technology industry, sister-site CNET reported last week.

Amazon has recently pushed further into the hardware market with the Fire Phone, the retail and cloud giant's debut into the smartphone market. Amazon sets the device apart from its rivals by including a long-rumored 3D display , which gives the illusion that images on the screen have depth.

The logical conclusion is that Amazon may have hired Parviz to extend this technology into wearable gear. Assumptions aside, many industry watchers will be keeping Parviz's social pages under close watch to gain a glimpse at what Amazon might be up to next.