Google Glass to roll off Foxconn's US factory line in weeks

Google Glass Explorer Edition: "Designed by Google in California. Assembled by Foxconn in the US".

The first run of Google's Glass networked specs will be rolling off the production lines of device manufacturing giant Foxconn within weeks, according to the Financial Times.

Google has contracted Hon Hai Precision, Apple's primary iPhone manufacturing partner — otherwise known as Foxconn — to assemble its eyewear at a facility in Santa Clara, California, unnamed sources familiar with Google's plans told the FT.

While many components are being sourced from Asia, final assembly will happen in Santa Clara, the paper said.

The location makes sense, according to the sources, due to the high cost and small scale of the first run. The location will also offer Google engineers a chance to be closely involved in the production process.

Google's Project Glass team yesterday sent out the first of up to 8,000 invitations to individuals from the US who can purchase the $1500 Explorer Edition of the Glass headset.

There's no concrete timeframe for the devices to reach participants in the Explorer Edition campaign, however, and it's not clear whether Google will continue to assemble the devices at the US facility if and when it ramps up production.

The Financial Times notes the first production run does support US President Barack Obama's 'Made in America' push to bring more high tech manufacturing back to the US.

At his State of the Union address in February, Obama said he would ask Congress to help create 15 high tech hubs, which would be spurred by businesses partnering with Department of Defense and Energy "to turn regions left behind by globalisation into global centres of high tech jobs". He specifically mentioned Apple making Macs in the US again, and opportunities in 3D printing