Google green energy czar Weihl lands at Facebook

Speculation on where Google's former green energy czar Bill Weihl would end up, can finally be put to rest.

Speculation on where Google's former green czar Bill Weihl would end up, can finally be put to rest. Weihl, who announced last month he was leaving Google after spearheading more than $800 million in green investment since 2006, has landed at Facebook.

Weihl will begin at Facebook in late January and told Alison van Diggelen over at the Fresh Dialogues blog that his position will focus on "sustainability, clean energy, energy efficiency etc."

Weihl's departure from Google coincided with the search engine giant's decision to  drop development of "solar thermal" electricity and shut down its in-house research and investment initiative that aimed to make clean energy cheaper than coal. Google sans Weihl hasn't turned its back on renewable energy altogether. Just today, the company announced a deal to invest in a portfolio of solar photovoltaic facilities, which pushed Google's total investment into renewable energy past $915 million .

Weihl's hiring comes as Facebook tries to show its commitment to greener, more sustainable operations. It also comes on the heels of Greenpeace's truce earlier this month d up its two-year "unfriend coal" campaign designed to pressure Facebook to reduce its reliance on electricity from coal-fired power plants.

[Via: Fresh Dialogues]

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