Google hurts Yahoo with DoubleClick deal

Why is Google CEO Eric Schmidt keen on paying $3.1 billion cash to own DoubleClick?

Why is Google CEO Eric Schmidt keen on paying $3.1 billion cash to own DoubleClick? 

The combination of the two companies will accelerate the adoption of Google's innovative advances in display advertising.   

Take that, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel!

In earnings conference calls, Semel finds particular satisfaction in touting two Yahoo leadership claims to fame: 1) Yahoo portal supremacy, 2) Yahoo display advertising supremacy. 

1) It is our innovation and industry leadership that enables Yahoo to continue attracting the largest and most engaged audience on the Web, with more than 0.5 billion monthly users on Yahoo branded Web properties....We have the highest share of time spent on the Internet in the US…our user and engagement numbers positively impact all parts of our business.

2) With graphical advertising, we continue to deliver outstanding results. We have been developing this market for many years, turning long-term relationships and trust into increased dollars. We also continue to attract an extremely large majority of the Ad Age top 100 advertisers in any given quarter.

Our high-value inventory, which enables us to deliver the best value to our advertisers, is one of the reasons we believe we have a strong leadership position in graphical advertising. We recognize that's a strategic advantage, and we are focused on extending our leadership to also include text-based advertisers. 

Yes, but Google is now focused on extending ITS leadership to also include graphical display advertisers. Specifically: 

For agencies and advertisers, Google and DoubleClick will provide an easy and efficient way to manage both search and display ads in one place.

The Yahoo vs. Google battle intensifies!

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