Google Instant: More annoying now than ever before

I hate Google Instant. If you do, too, then this post is for you (including if you need to know how to disable it).

Let me preface this diatribe by saying that I love Google. I mean, I LOVE Google! No search engine on the planet touches them, insofar as the advanced queries I run. I'm afraid that their advanced operators will be nixed one day and that scares me to death, since I'm a search junkie and all. Anyway, I love you, Google, but Instant is perhaps the most annoying thing, ever. Still. I've never liked Google Instant. From day-one, it's been a nuisance to me, primary due to the fact that my search habits often consist of queries COMPLETELY unrelated to what Google is trying to suggest. Being a person who looks at the screen 100% of the time I type, it's INCREDIBLY annoying to see the drop-down box pop up, disappear, pop up, make suggestions, disappear, pop up, disappear, popupsuggestdisappear, etc. as I type in a single query. I know, I know: "Why don't you disable it, then, Mr. "Search Ninja"?" I do! But, recently, I cleared my cookies, and -- since Google can't seem to make roaming search preferences for people who are logged into their Google accounts -- there was Google Instant, waiting for me the next time I visited Google. I was IMMEDIATELY aggravated, but I thought I'd give it a shot... NOPE! The last time I tried Google Instant was before they changed their UI, and now, it feels even more bothersome/invasive than before. I think Ben Bailey, of Cash Cab fame, sums it up perfectly in his Google Instant bit from his Road Rage comedy special:

So, I disabled Google Instant once again, and now, I'm happier than a hobo with a ham sandwich. If you, too, can't stand Google Instant and would like to disable it, then simply follow the simplistically-simple, simple steps below:
1 - Click here 2 - Look for the section pictured below, then select the option you see highlighted:
Sorry, Google. Again, I love you to death, but if you were my main squeeze, Instant would make me leave you... instantly. (Get it? Get it? *crickets chirping*) Anyway, thanks for at least giving me the option to do something about it even though you make it a default setting, and, PLEASE, for the love of all that is sacred, don't ever make it such that Instant can never be disabled. That is all. -Stephen Chapman
SEO Whistleblower
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