Google intros one-click 'Save to Drive' button

Google plays catch-up to the likes of Pocket and Evernote with a one-click clipping button for saving web files for later perusal.


Google is adding another channel for saving content nearly instantly to its cloud storage service, Drive.

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Reminiscent of similar add-ons from Pocket and Evernote, the "Save to Drive" button promises one-click action for saving files from the Web.


Web developers have two options for adding the Save to Drive button to their websites.

The first one is a relatively short, pre-written script and HTML tag. The other is a JavaScript API, which Google developer advocate Nicolas Garnier described in a blog post on Friday.

Essentially, the API method should give more control over to the developers.

Garnier explained further:

The Save to Drive button works in the context of the user’s browser. This allows your users to save files that could require some form of HTTP authorization – such as a session cookie – without any special customization from you. In most cases, the Save to Drive button should be simple to integrate, plug-and-play!

The Save to Drive button is already being implemented by some companies. Garnier highlighted Bigstock, Delta Dental, Fotolia, O'Reilly, Outbox, Ultimate Software, and Zen Payroll as a few major examples.

Screenshots via The Google Developers Blog