Google investments in clean energy approach $1 billion

The search and Internet services giant is putting $75 million behind a 50-megawatt wind farm in Iowa.


Investment team members Nick Coons and Steffi Russell-Egbert visiting the Rippey project on a (windy) day in October. Photo Credit: Google

Google is putting $75 million into a wind farm about an hour outside of Des Moines, Iowa, bringing the total amount of money it has invested in renewable energy technology to $990 million.

Yes, that's close to $1 billion toward all manner of investments in solar technology, wind and various green tech startups. Here's a summary of those investments, which include a major stake in a big wind-farm plan being cooked up off the mid-Atlantic coast. It is also participating in an interesting experiment in alternative fuels.

The latest funding is going toward the 50-megawatt, Rippey Wind Farm in Greene County developed by RPM Access and expected to power about 15,000 homes in the state.

Google chose Iowa as the focus of this investment because it has a big data center there: back in 2010, it announced a long-term purchasing contract to acquire wind-power from the NExtEra Energy Resources Story County II farm.

The power being generated by the Greene County farm is contracted by the Central Iowa Power Cooperative, so Google won't actually be using the power itself. 

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