Google invests $75 million in U.S. wind farm

Google is investing $75 million in a wind farm project in Iowa. But why Iowa?

Adding to its list of renewable energy investments, Google announced today that it is investing $75 million in a wind farm project in the United States.

The 50 MW wind farm was developed by RPM Access in the small town of Rippey, Iowa and is expected to produce enough energy to power 15,000 homes. In a blog postAxel Martinez, Google's assistant treasurer and head of capital markets, said:

[W]e’re investing directly into a wind project, which has been contracted to sell all of the energy to the Central Iowa Power Cooperative, an Iowa-based utility that will deliver the energy to local consumers. We’re happy to help make more renewable energy available to Iowans and to support the growing wind energy industry in the state.

Why the focus on Iowa? Besides the flat corn fields being a perfect location for wind farms, the company has one of its data centers in Iowa, so this investment seems to go along with the company's goal of supporting "the communities in which our employees live and work." Google also purchases wind energy directly from NextEra Energy Resources’ Story County II wind farm in Iowa.

With this latest investment in wind energy, Google's total investments in renewable energy have now topped $990 million.

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