Google Keep might be aiming to keep Evernote at bay

Google's latest mobile creation is reminiscent of another popular app that is slowly but surely creeping up on the Internet giant.


Google Keep has just been unveiled as the latest cloud-based app from the Internet giant designed to make life simpler.

Basically, it's a digital dashboard for virtual sticky notes and reminders for basically whatever the user wants to save.

It sounds simple, useful...and oddly reminiscent of another popular app that is gaining a lot of popularity -- and maybe too much for Google's liking.

That would be Evernote.

Consumers and now businesses alike have been flocking to the cloud and desktop notebook service in droves over the last year or two. It's grown from just a new app for saving articles and notes from the web to a growing platform for sharing, collaboration and file editing.

It's arguable that slowly but surely there has been a battle brewing between Evernote (especially since the launch of Evernote Business ) and Google Drive.

Now with the addition of this note-saving feature for mobile devices (and soon desktops, more on that later), Google is actually the one playing catch-up.

Nevertheless, it looks like a welcome and natural addition to the Google Apps platform.

Google software engineer Katherine Kuan highlighted some of the key aspects in a blog post on Wednesday, including syncing across all devices so that notes are always at hand.

Furthermore, Google is taking advantage of other technologies already on mobile devices, such as including support for voice notes.

Google Keep is now available to download from Google Play for devices running Android 4.0 (a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher. Google will also be adding support for adding and editing new notes directly from Google Drive within the "coming weeks."

For a closer look at Google Keep, check out the promo video below:

Image via The Official Google Blog