Google launches Chinese-language developer YouTube channel

Google has launched a Chinese-language version of its Google Developers Channel on YouTube, despite the disruption its video-sharing subsidiary experiences at the hands of the country's Great Firewall.

Google has launched a Chinese-language developer channel on YouTube, with the new offering serving up Chinese developers with original content in Chinese Mandarin, along with curated content from the English version of the Google Developers Channel with Chinese captions.

The internet giant said in a blog post on February 16 that the new Chinese-language YouTube channel is aimed at making it easier for developers in China to learn more about Google services and technology around mobile, web, and the cloud.

The Google Developer Platform team thanked volunteers in the Google Developers Group community from the Chinese city of Nanyang for their efforts and contribution in adding the Chinese-language translations to the English-language Google Developer Channel videos on YouTube.

The company's original English-language Developer Channel on its video-sharing subsidiary claims more than 650,000 subscribers and over 78 million views to date.

At the time of writing, the new Chinese-language developers channel claimed 43 subscribers.

(Image: screenshot by Leon Spencer/ZDNet)

The move is the latest step in the company's efforts to open its Android platform to mobile developers in China, even though YouTube is disrupted by the country's censorship system.

China's recently revamped Great Firewall internet filter has made a number of US-operated sites such as Google, YouTube Twitter, and Facebook difficult to access from within its borders without the use of a virtual private network or other circumvention methods.

However, despite the limitations, Google has been working to offer Chinese nationals greater access to its developers' network, with the company announcing last September that it would open up merchant support for Play Store app developers in China, allowing Chinese developers to export to, and sell their apps on, Google Play.

While Google Play remains blocked in mainland China, the move opens up a market of more than 130 countries within which Chinese developers will now be able to sell their apps -- including Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, Russia, and Cambodia.