​Google launches Chrome extension to thwart phishing on its accounts

Password Alert is a Chrome extension that will warn you if you're about to enter your password in a fake Google account page.

Google on Wednesday said it has launched an Chrome extension designed to identify and warn customers about phishing attempts.

The extension, called Password Alert, is designed to protect Google and Google Apps for Work accounts. The extension will warn you when you're about to type in your Google password to a fake site.

Google said nearly 2 percent of the messages to Gmail are phishing attacks where attackers aim to trick consumers into giving up a password.

When Password Alert is installed and initialized, Chrome remembers a scrambled version of your Google account password. The information, retained for security purposes only, will then notify you if you type your password into a site that's not a Google login page.

For Google for Work accounts, Password Alert needs to be installed by an administrator.

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