Google launches new subscription service, rival to Apple

Company unveils its new 'One Pass' subscription service, one day after Apple unveiled its plans for App Store subscription terms.

In a not-so-shocking coincidence, Google announced its own subscription plan for publishers that allows content owners to set prices, terms and keep their relationships with customers.

The details of the plan were revealed in a blog post. Eric Schmidt highlighted Google One Pass in Germany. The timing of this move is almost comical. It's as if Google was waiting for Apple to detail its in-app purchase plan for subscriptions, let the backlash ensue and then swoop in to let publishers know there are alternatives.

Google's FAQ even addresses the question of why the search giant is launching Google One Pass. The answer: "Google cares a lot about helping high quality content thrive online and about the future of journalism." Google should have said: "We have an opportunity to potentially kick Apple's apps so we need your help.

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