Google launching Andromeda networking stack for Cloud Platform

Google promises that the addition of Andromeda will provide better and faster network connections for Compute Engine customers.


Last week, slashed prices was all anyone could talk about in the cloud business .

Google led that charge last Tuesday , and this week the Internet giant is turning the spotlight onto how it is bolstering the platform stack.

First unveiled at the Open Networking Summit in Silicon Valley last month, the new asset is Andromeda, a network virtualization stack intended to provide faster, higher performing connections for Compute Engine customers.

Amin Vahdat, a distinguished engineer on the Google Cloud Platform team, explained in a blog post on Wednesday how the software-defined networking approach of Andromeda is not actually a "not a Cloud Platform networking product."

Rather, Vahdat continued, it is a revision of Google's network virtualization architecture. Here's more:

Andromeda's goal is to expose the raw performance of the underlying network while simultaneously exposing network function virtualization (NFV). We expose the same in-network processing that enables our internal services to scale while remaining extensible and isolated to end users. This functionality includes distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, transparent service load balancing, access control lists, and firewalls. We do this all while improving performance, with more enhancements coming.

Andromeda will be deployed for at least two Google Compute Engine zones: us-central1-b and europe-west1-a.

Image via the Google Cloud Platform blog