Google: More than 1 million calls through Gmail in 24 hours

Google says more than 1 million calls placed in 24 hours using Gmail's Google Voice add-on

There was no official blog post to report the overnight success of the Google Voice integration into Gmail. But in the first 24 hours since the service launched, more than 1 million calls were placed.

The message came via a Tweet on the official company Twitter feed and linked back to yesterday's company blog post announcing the integration of the two products. In that sense, it's not a big announcement for the company but rather a slight nudge to the company's 2.4 million followers on Twitter that a new free service is available to them.

Google Voice is automatically being added to Gmail accounts in the U.S. The service allows users who don't have a Google Voice number to use the service anyway for outbound calls that show a generic Caller ID number.

The company has said that calls within the U.S. and Canada will be free at least through the end of the year, but likely longer if revenue from international calling can sustain it. Google is offering international calling at rates competitive to other VoIP-like offerings.

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