Google moves CalDAV off kill list, releases Nexus keyboard

CalDAV will survive spring cleaning, CardDAV is now open to everyone, and a new keyboard app is arriving from the search giant.

Three months after Google flagged that it was going to retire CalDAV for all but a whitelisted set of users in favour of the Google Calendar API, the company has reconsidered its position and announced that CalDAV API will remain public.

CalDAV is an extension to the WebDAV protocol, which has an RFC document specifying that it is a "standard way of accessing, managing, and sharing calendaring and scheduling information based on the iCalendar format".

"Since that announcement, we received many requests for access to CalDAV, giving us a better understanding of developers' use cases and causing us to revisit that decision," wrote Tech Lead of the Google Calendar APIs group, Piotr Stanczyk, in a blog post.

In concert with the CalDAV reprieve, Google announced that CardDAV, the WebDAV extension for contact information, would be made available to all developers.

Both the CalDAV and CardDAV APIs are now integrated with the Google API Console, and support OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Google also announced today that it has released the gesture-typing keyboard used in its Nexus devices on Google Play. Only devices running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above will be able to run the Google Keyboard.