Google Movies play perfectly on the BlackBerry PlayBook too

It wasn't only Android users who benefited when Google launched their new Movies feature in the Android Market. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook users can also enjoy these movies.

After reading a bit more about the new Google Movie service I saw that you needed a Motorola Xoom at this time to watch the movie in streaming format or in downloaded offline format for viewing on the go. Google also allows you to watch via a PC and since the BlackBerry PlayBook has a desktop-class browser I decided to test it out. Movies rented through the new Google service stream perfectly in full screen on the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook through the web browser.

Since these movies also have a tie in to YouTube I thought maybe I could watch it via the YouTube application on the PlayBook, but there is no way at this time to login to your YouTube account so that was nixed. Alberto Plantilla, one of my Twitter followers, pointed out to me that he has been enjoying rental movies from www.youtube.com/movies on his PlayBook for some time. I honestly didn't even know there was such a rental service so this playability isn't really a surprise to savvy PlayBook owners.

The browser of the PlayBook does an excellent job with movies though and just the other day I had a great experience with TV shows. I fired up the ABC website on my PlayBook after connecting a HDMI cable to the device and my family enjoyed the Mother's Day episode of Modern Family in high definition. The quality out from the PlayBook was amazing and even though the device has an enterprise focus with the BlackBerry Bridge, it is an extremly capable media machine as well.

UPDATE with more mobile browser testing. I also tested out some other mobile browsers and found the following:

  • Default Android browser: Doesn't work, seems to just hang after pressing play.
  • Firefox Mobile on Android: Doesn't work, reports not compatible.
  • Dolphin Browser HD: Works decently, reports it is not optimized for mobile.
  • Opera Mobile for Android: Doesn't work, "error occurred please try again later."
  • Skyfire: Works decently, reports it is not optimized for mobile.
  • Symbian browser: Yeah, right, it can barely browse standard websites.
  • Apple iOS Safari: ?, I don't have my iPad 2 with me at the moment. Anyone try this out yet?