Google Nexus 7 has hidden "Smart Cover" feature

The Nexus 7 has 'secret' support for a "Smart Cover" built into the tablet that neither Google nor Asus have previously revealed.

It seems that the Nexus 7 Android-powered tablet has a hidden feature that neither Google nor Asus -- the manufacturer of the tablet -- have revealed.

A video has been uploaded to the internet that shows that Google's new tablet has a sensor located bottom left-hand side of the device -- when held in portrait orientation -- that can put the device into sleep mode when a magnet is bought near.

This is similar to the feature that Apple has built into the iPad 2 and iPad 3 to control the " Smart Cover " used to power down the device when the cover is closed, and it seems that the Microsoft's Surface tablet will also have a similar feature.

It is unclear why the Nexus 7 has the feature built into the tablet yet it has not been advertised anywhere.

Apple has a patent covering its "Smart Cover" technology described as a "magnetic attachment mechanism" that "can be used to augment the functionality of usefulness of the electronic device".

Google does sell a cover for the Nexus 7 called "smart cover" which is described as a "tough, yet snug-fitting polymer case with a non-slip matte texture that protects Nexus 7 from bumps and scratches, and also provides additional grip," but no mention is made that it has the ability to put the device to sleep like Apple's own cover.

Image source: Google.