Google obliterates remaining Aussie Street View payload data

Google has destroyed what may be the last remaining fragments of Australian payload data captured during its Street View crawl.

Google has complied with the Australian Privacy Commissioner's request to have the last fragments of data from its Street View privacy incident obliterated.

The Privacy Commissioner received an email from Google yesterday, confirming that all 21 hard drives containing the offending data had been destroyed. It also included verification from US computer forensics and investigations company Stroz Friedberg that the task had been completed.

Of the 21 hard drives, 20 were firstly overwritten completely to reduce the chances of any data being recovered from them. The remaining hard drive was physically damaged, and could not be overwritten in the same manner. All 21 hard drives were then physically destroyed, with personnel from Stroz Friedberg standing by as witnesses.

Google is now in the process of conducting the Privacy Commissioner's final request of an additional audit to determine whether there are any other disks.