Google offering $99 Chromebooks to classrooms for the holidays

Google is slashing prices left and right, including on Chromebooks for some of its educational customers.


It's that time of year when retailers offer bargain basement prices on every electronic item possible. Typically those deals are targeted toward consumers, but Google is reaching out to its education customer base as well with a new offer.

The Internet giant is offering the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook for just $99 for a limited time. Full-time public school teachers in the United States can take advantage of this offer by visiting by December 21.

For reference, the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has an MSRP of $429. However, there are newer Chromebook models that start at $249.

The reduced price still includes the regular hardware, management and support associated with Chromebooks for educational customers.

Rajen Sheth, group product manager for the Chrome OS for Business team at Google, noted in a blog post on Monday that the Samsung Series 5 edition is the "the most widely deployed Chromebook in schools."

He also cited that more than 1,000 schools have adopted Chromebooks in classrooms to date.

Image via The Official Google Blog