Google offers everyone Gmail Inbox happy hour

Google is giving people one hour, from 3pm to 4pm PST today to send it an email in return for an invitation for its new Gmail Inbox app.

Google announced via Twitter today that it would guarantee an invite to join its new Gmail Inbox platform to be sent by 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) to anyone who sends an email to during what it is calling Inbox Happy Hour, between 3pm and 4pm PST.

"Want an invite TODAY? #InboxHappyHour 3-4pm PT. Send us an email at between 3 and 4pm PT and you'll get your invite by 5pm," the company Tweeted via its @inboxbygmail profile.

Image: Google

The invite-only app, which was launched in late October, provides a new front end to Gmail and other inboxes, a nice design, some social news feed meets email river mojo, and functions that make messages manageable.

Google is calling the new app, which launched on October 22, a "fresh start" built on everything the Gmail team learned from building that email platform, and goes beyond email to "help you get back to what matters".

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