Google Offers expands to 30 deal provider partners

Google Offers continues to push through with the expansion to four more U.S. metropolitan markets with nearly a dozen new partners.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Although the daily deal craze isn't what it used to be this time last year, Google isn't anywhere near giving up on the market.

In fact, Google Offers is expanding in new cities with new partners announced on Wednesday.

For starters, Google is expanding the availability of its Offers partners' deals to four more cities: Austin, Houston, Philadelphia and Miami. This means that subscribers in 23 of the 40 cities where Google Offers is available have access to more even deals each day (which could be an overload for some) from both Google and its partners.

Some of the 11 new partners also being added to the discount platform are DailyDeals.com, Boston.com, and AT&T Interactive. A full list is available on the Google Commerce blog.

Google Offers was first introduced last May as Google’s entry into the daily deal craze, but with significant retail partners such as Jamba Juice and American Eagle Outfitters.

After starting out in three metropolitan areas (New York City, San Francisco and Portland), Google Offers expanded to five more major markets in September. The following month, Google Offers boosted its list of partners to include over a dozen new deal providers, including Gilt City and DealFind.

Interest in Google Offers from both retailers and consumers has probably picked up faster than the product it was unveiled alongside next -- Google Wallet -- because it is available to basically anyone with any device.

Additionally, in a market that became flooded (and still is) with too many similar competitors, Google has the name brand, resources and the wealth of partners to stay afloat in the daily and instant deal business much longer.


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