Google Personals vs. Get a date at Google!

Get a date thanks to Google!

Is this Valentine’s Day inspiring you to seek “hot & sexy dating with singles in your area”?

Google presumably hopes so. If you click on that number one AdWords “Sponsored Link” from in a search for “mobile dating,” Google gets paid for a click. 

Google entices "mobile dating" searchers with ten additional “Sponsored Links,” for the likes of,, Yahoo Personals and even 

IAC property, leading online personals and dating site, is also vying for attention via a “Sponsored Link.” is not only competing against online dating peers however, it is competing against the company it buys its "Sponsored Link" from, Google itself, Google Personals that is.

In “Google Local at” I discuss how Google has put itself in competition with key local AdWords accounts: IAC’s Citysearch, AOL, Zagat…via its new enhanced local listings.

By prominently featuring a searchable Google Personals query box above the number one “organic” listing in its SERP, Google is disrupting relationships with key personals AdWords accounts as well, while giving itself a “free” head start.

I recently put forth in “Google Local at”: Will the enhanced local listings become a new Local AdWords product?

Google was “hard at work” to develop the new local listings format within It will undoubtedly be hard at work going forward to develop new ways to monetize its prime, lucrative Google Local real estate at

Google is undoubtedly working on new ways to monetize its prime, lucrative Google Personals real estate at as well, perhaps even at the expense of its $150 billion market cap bread and butter: AdWords clients!

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