Google picks up Blackberry

Users of the wireless device can use a customized version of Google Talk for instant messaging, and access maps and satellite images via Google Local.

Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the popular Blackberry devices, has announced support for two Google applications in its wireless handsets.

Google Talk for BlackBerry, a version of the instant messaging (IM) application customized for the portable handsets, will allow users to send and receive instant text messages with other members of the Google Talk community while on the move.

Blackberry users can now also download Google Local, a tool that enables mobile device owners to view maps and satellite images, obtain driving directions and look for businesses akin to searching the Yellow pages. Google Local is currently only available to users in the United States.

Mark Guibert, RIM's vice president for corporate marketing, noted in a company statement that IM and local content are "two increasingly important areas of focus for mobile applications".

"Google Talk for BlackBerry and Google Local for mobile will offer additional flexibility to BlackBerry customers in terms of how, when and where they stay in touch," Guibert said.