Google adds Android Wear interactive faces and complications

More information at the tap of a finger comes with the newest software update and watch faces. Google has also added watch-to-watch communications for photos, doodles and activities.

Google on Thursday announced a software update going out to Android Wear devices in the coming weeks, with the major focus on adding interactivity and more information to watch faces.

The update follows a revision earlier this week to the Android Wear companion app.


Officially, there are three new watch faces to start with once an Android Wear device is updated, although developers can now officially create their own complications.

Bits adds a number of complications to the face, including ones for battery levels, calendar event, the date, missed calls, a new email, steps walked, stocks, time zones and weather. Each of these complications can be expanded with a simple tap to show more detailed information.

The Under Armour Record app for Android also adds an interactive watch face, allowing device owners to swipe through different activity stats, such as step count, calories burned and distance traveled.

Last is Google's own Together app for Android Wear, bringing Google's take on a number of Apple Watch-like features.

Two Android Wear device owners can pair their watch faces together and share information including photos, emoji, activities, phone call availability and more. Using the Together face, you can draw or doodle on the watch display and send your drawing to your partner.

With the new Android Wear update comes additional APIs for developers to create add their own interactivity on watch faces.