Google radio ads hit snag

Google Radio Ads: NO match for AdWords, AND AdWords customers know it, big time.What is the big problem now?

Google Radio Ads: NO match for AdWords, AND AdWords customers know it, big time.

What is the big problem now?

Who needs Google on the radio if it means having to make a big effort, spending big time, big money to create a Google Audio Ad!

Google Ad Creation Marketplace auditioning radio talent: Exclusive First Look I presented in December:

The “Google Ad Creation Marketplace” is a first for Google. One of the hallmarks of the self-serve Google AdWords platform is the ease by which anyone can login to Google and create their own Google AdWord creative in literally a matter of minutes.

Google Audio Ads will be a different Google species, however.

Google will recommend that small business advertisers hire “ad creation talent” to develop audio ads that meet the specifications required for the Google dMarc systems, at a cost of from $100 to $1000.

BUT why would they want to do that?

Not surprisingly, AdWords customers are not lining up to shell out hundreds of dollars for the right to create an ad to run a beta test for Google via a Clear Channel reseller agreement.

The Google Radio solution? Subsisidze the Ad Creation Marketplace!

Interested in running a radio campaign? Sign up now and receive $400 towards your first radio campaign.

We've recently opened the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, a directory of professional ad creation specialists who can help you create ads for your Google Audio Ads campaign. Ad creation averages around $400, so we're excited to offer you a credit that will help get your business on the radio and expand the reach of your AdWords campaigns!

Google may feign Audio Ads excitement, but AdWords customers are not getting Googley over Google on the radio, even with a "$400 credit" as audio ad bait.

One more blow to Google CEO Eric Schmidt's worldwide advertising domination fantasy, as I analyzed yesterday in How Microsoft beats Google in ad agency battle.

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