Google readies launch of Android for wearables

It won't be long before Google's Android operating system will be on our wrists and in our clothing.

Within the next few weeks, Google will release a version of Android for developers who wish to explore wearable technology.

According to Google executive Sundar Pichai, the SDK will use a modified version of Google's Android operating system and will focus on sensors and data gathering.

The kit could be used to develop applications for smart watches, clothing, and potentially be adapted for use in connected vehicles -- a reasonable assumption considering the potential leak of Google's infotainment system, dubbed " Google Projected Mode ."

While Google is not planning a large launch event and Pichai did not reveal whether the firm is considering the release of a smart watch of its own, the executive said:

"When we say wearables we think about it much more broadly. It's for partners and developers to figure out. It could be a jacket [..] with sensors -- I don't know."

According to Pichai, the development kit will be available within the next two weeks, giving programmers more scope than preview-only tools currently available for Google Glass.

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Image credit: Google

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