​Google rebuts Microsoft's Edge battery claims: Chrome on Surface lasts longer

Take that Microsoft. Even Chrome seven versions back lasts longer on a Windows 10 Surface Book than Edge, according to Google.

Three months after Microsoft's showed Edge walloping Chrome in a battery test, Google has called those results into question by showing off Chrome on Microsoft's Surface Book.

According to Microsoft's tests, which were also conducted on Surface Books, Edge on Windows 10 on average consumed 36 percent less power than Chrome when using it on sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Google.

Microsoft's other test showed Chrome and Edge squaring off in a video-streaming battle on Surface Books. The Edge device lasted seven hours and 22 minutes, while the Chrome device petered out after just four hours and 19 minutes.

Now, with Chrome 53 out, which contains a number of CPU and GPU improvements, Google has offered its rebuttal in the form of a time-lapse video comparing the battery life of two Surface Books, again streaming video in a browser. But instead of pitting Chrome against Edge, Google opted to show Chrome 46 against Chrome 53.

Despite the absence of Edge in the test, Google still managed to take a swipe at Microsoft on two fronts. Rather subtly, Google simply says Chrome 53 gives two hours 12 minutes more Vimeo HD on a single charge than Chrome 46.

However, instead of the four hours and 22 minutes that Microsoft clocked for Chrome for Windows in its time-lapse video, Google's time-lapse video pointedly captures Chrome 46 lasting eight hours and 27 minutes.

Meanwhile, Chrome 53 lasts a whopping 10 hours and 39 minutes. So, not only does Chrome perform better than Microsoft claimed, but even Chrome seven versions back seems to outperform Microsoft's newest browser.

Google also boasts of Chrome's wider support for other platforms, including speed improvements it has made for Chrome on mobile devices and Chrome on Mac, which it says now uses 33 percent less power for video, images and page scrolling.